How to Develop High Pain Tolerance

You Will Fail a Lot!

9 out of 10 ideas fail. That means that probably only 10% of all the things you try will succeed. This has nothing to do with pessimism. In fact, I am a very optimistic person but it is a fact that you will not succeed with everything you try. It will not always be easy. Not in a single area of life. You will encounter anxiety, frustration and hopelessness and you will have to work in the face of constant failure. But if you want to be successful you will have to keep going. This requires a very high pain tolerance, which all successful people possess.

There is a principle called The Dip. It is based on the book “The Dip” by the legendary author Seth Godin. Basically, it says that after the first initial motivation phase there comes this so-called dip:

The chart describes it pretty well. When you start something new your motivation skyrockets, you start seeing a lot of results and you are full of faith. What happens after a while is this tremendous motivation drop and a big lack of results. It feels like it was just a hype about nothing. But you have to realize that this is just “The Dip”. However, this shows you once again how important pain tolerance is. You have to keep going all the time while you feel unmotivated and there are no results to reward you.

Trust Your Strategy!

The lack of results oftentimes makes you hopeless or frustrated. What can you do about those feelings? How can you deal with the situation? The best way to do it is by strategizing. Once you have designed a good and solid strategy for achieving your goal you will be able to trust it. If you just start something because you think it might be interesting you will not get anywhere. You have to truly believe that what you are doing will succeed. That does not mean that it definitely will but you will fail for sure if you do not trust your strategy. I have already published a post about making the right decisions where I also mention that you have to think carefully about your decisions so you are able to commit to them. Click here if you want to read the blog. Commit to a well-conceived plan and trust it with your whole heart because then you can sustain the pain and the lack of motivation.

Be Disciplined!

Successful people do what they need to do even if they do not feel like it. Discipline is one of the highest virtues in life. Sometimes you just have to push through the work and feel miserable for a while because the reward is just too valuable. You trade temporary comfort for lasting success. It is your decision. Learn to accept pain, do not run away from it like you probably did your whole life. It is ok to feel bad if it is for a higher purpose.

Alright, I am signing off. Keep going and become purposely great! 🙂

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