Why is Personal Development Important?

What is Personal Development?

Personal Development means constant, conscious and targeted improvement of one’s personality. Basically, we are developing every single moment, since we are having new experiences every second. Those experiences and the way we react to them shape our personality. And if we are not actively controlling this process we might cause our lives and our happiness some serious damage. When we talk about Development, we want constant improvement but what happens when we lose control is that we oftentimes experience negative growth. So if we want to define the concept of Personal Development for ourselves I would recommend the following definition: Personal Development is the process of active, constant, conscious and targeted improvement of one’s personality in order to raise lasting happiness and fulfilment in life.

The Benefits of Personal Development

Now that we have a clear definition of Personal Development, why should we pursue it? The number one reason that comes into my mind is that it affects every single aspect of life. This concept is not something that is done for its own sake. It is a principle that you can apply to every area of life. You have certain areas in your brain that are responsible for your success. They are like muscles, they must be trained. Think of it as a couple of separate muscles like the motivation muscle, the discipline muscle, the mindfulness muscle and so on, that are in combination responsible for your overall success. With Personal Development, you are training all of them and you also need all of them in every area of life where you want to achieve something.
Let me just give you a list of some areas that are going to skyrocket if you commit to this self-actualization journey:

  • Finances / Money
  • Confidence
  • Happiness & Fulfilment
  • Health & Fitness
  • Relationships, Sating & Sex
  • Social Skills
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Learning anything new

We could keep this list going forever. The point is, that in every single area of life where you want to achieve something, you need the same brain muscles to be trained and under control. And if you are not already into Personal Development, chances are that your muscles are completely untrained which will sooner or later lead to a lot of suffering in life.

How to Do Personal Development

So now we know what Personal Development is and why it is so important. The next famous question that has to be answered is: How do we start? Where do we begin? And actually, it is not important at all where you start. Just start. The only thing you have to consider is that your muscles are probably completely untrained and maybe you shouldn’t try to lift the heavy weights right now. Start with the small stuff like stopping procrastination, cleaning up your room, quitting smoking, reading ten pages a day or something like that. The chances of you succeeding at building a big business while you are a procrastinating and undisciplined junkie are not very high. So, try to make a start on the things that are the most urgent.
I also recommend you to read a lot about this topic. You can buy books, take expensive seminars or just read blogs like mine. In fact, everything you can read on PurposelyGreat is somehow related to self-improvement. So you might want to stick with it, because I will be releasing a lot of content which is based on personal experience but also on books I’ve read.
That’s it for today guys! Stay tuned and keep improving!

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